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This website is dedicated to provide quality content which would help you improve your English.
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A: Hello, how are you?
B: Hello, I'm fine! Thank You! How are you?
A: I am very well! Thank You!
B: What's your name?
A: I'm Jack, what's yours?
B: I'm Peter! By the way, how old are you?
A: I'm 13 and I'm from Perth!
B: I'm from Sydney.
A: I've always wanted to visit Sydney
B: You are welcome to visit us anytime!
A: Anyway, I got to go now. Nice talking to you!



A: By the way, do you have any sisters?
B: Yes, I have one sister
A: What does she do?
B: She's a nurse
A: Don't you have any brothers?
B: Yes, I have two brothers
A: What do they do?
B: My elder brother works in a bank and my younger brother's still a student
A: Cool!



A: What's your hobby?
B: I have several hobbies
A: What are they?
B: They are reading, gardenig and cycling
A: What's your favourite out of them?
B: My favourite's reading
A: Why do you like it?
B: Because it gives me both pleasure and knowledge



A: What's your school?
B: My school is Montana College
A: Where is it?
B: It's in Montana
A: How far is it from your home to school?
B: It's only a walking distance
A: Which grade are you in?
B: I'm in grade 9
A: How do you go to school?
B: I go on foot