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My Queen Mother

By Hansika Dewmini
Smiles with me
Cries with me
Pours love in to my world
She is my goodness
The queen of my life…


My School

By Chamod Imalka
Second mother in my life
Place where I learnt life
School mother, you are my life
I want to spend my whole life with you
But one day, I should part
I will say good bye to you
But I will make you proud
By being a good citizen


True Love

By Christhine Sepalika & Bhagya Nagodavithana
Love is a creation of god
The whole world is based on love
Two hearts get together
And dedicate themselves to eachother
Lovers care & share
At last it ends in marriage



By a Richardian
Life is a puzzle
Sometime it is hard
Sometime it is simple
Sometime you find your way
Sometime you lose,
The puzzle has to be solved
Everyone has to play
Life is truly a puzzle…



By a Richardian
Hope is the place where you want to go…
Hope is the person who you want to know…
Hope is the feeling that carries you through…
Hope is the future...


Dear Mamma

By Hasini Nuwanthika
Dear Mamma,
Mom is really a great woman
Mom is such a special word
Mom has an undying love a love beyond compare…

Mom is amazing, it is true
Mom you’re so special and you are simple
Mom is my closest friend
Mom, you are the reason to smile

Mom, thank you!!!!
For teaching me, and showing me how life is
Mom, thank you!!!!
Your love and hugs
Keeps me going Forever…


Best Friend

By a Richardian
In life, friends come and go
But best friends stay forever
We will always be like that
Happy or sad, always together
This a promise that I
Want to make today


I have five fingers for a reason

By Hasini Nuwanthika
My pinky finger:
For my best friend, and for the promises
I never break
My ring finger:
For that special boy,
when the time is right
My middle finder:
for those bitches
who push me too far
My pointer finger:
To pick out my dearest family member
and to show the world, I'm going to be okay