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The Forgotten Mansion

By G.H.Savindu Wijesiri
We were walking down the alley opposite the forgotten mansion when my friend Steve suggested exploring the forgotten mansion. The mansion was supposed to be haunted and most of my peers even feared passing by the mansion and I was chilled out by the thought of exploring the mansion, but I didn’t want to admit that I was fear stricken about exploring the mansion to Steve, so I had no choice other than following him to the mansion. The rusty gates of the mansion creaked open as Steve pushed it. We entered the mansion through the rusty gates and I got even more panicked than before when I had a look around my vicinity. The trees were groaning and swaying because of the billowing wind around them. I had a strange feeling that something was wrong in this mansion, but I suppressed that feeling and followed Steve to the doorsteps. He tried to open the main door of the house, even though the house was decades old, the door held strong, without even budging even though we put a lot of effort to open it. My mind was screaming with happiness and relief because we couldn’t open the door and eventually Steve would give up and leave the mansion but he showed no signs of giving up, instead he went to a nearby window and tried to pry it open with his pocket knife, I prayed that the window wouldn’t give away but at once the window opened causing the brief moments of happiness and relief tumbling down upon me. Steve stepped in first followed by me. The floor of the mansion was caked with dust gathered due to long years of abandonment. The furniture was still intact but caked with dust and the clay tunnels of termites. Circles of dust engulfed us as we made our way through the house. We were having coughing fits by the time we neared the staircase. We went up the stairs and were amazed by the sight which met our eyes. There wasn’t even a single speck of dust on the floor and even the furniture seemed to be polished, but there wasn’t any living creature in the vicinity, a series of unsettling thoughts filled up my mind. We walked along the passage and then came to a dead end. There were no rooms other than the passage. It was very unsettling: A dust caked floor below, a dust proof floor above and then a dead end. We were trying to find a knob when suddenly we heard the stairs creaking and the sound of footsteps. It was even creepier and then just as a shadow emerged from the stairs we ducked under a cabinet in the passage. A man emerged from the staircase wearing a lab coat and he was holding some creepy thing in his hand, “It was really getting weirder and weirder, how come we hadn’t noticed any footsteps in the ground floor because this couldn’t be the first time the man had entered the house” I thought. The man didn’t suspect anything, he just walked to the dead end in quick long strides and pushed a specific spot on the wall, a couple of twists on the handle that emerged after pushing the spot and the wall slid open without any noise, and a creepy smoke crawled out from beneath the wall. The man entered the room and then suddenly Steve slid in behind the man leaving me with no choice, but to follow him in. The wall slid down just as I entered the room which must have been functioning as a lab because I noticed test tubes, beakers, measuring cylinders, trays with agar and some other creepy lab stuff in my quick glances around the place. We ducked under a desk before the man saw us, there were numerous human bodies stacked in piles all over the lab. All the bodies were identical to each other. I was suspecting foul play in the lab when missing pieces came together in the puzzle! The man was practicing a deadly skill termed illegal by law: CLONING. The man was a BIOLOGICAL TERRORIST. He was injecting something into a body when suddenly Steve stumbled on a bucket lying on the floor, the man glanced at us in alarm and he mumbled something which I couldn’t make out and chanted something continuously, and just as his chanting stopped all the cloned men stood straight up with glowing eyes focused on us, we were rooted to the spot and couldn’t look away from the man. The man ordered something and at once the cloned men came towards us staggering ominously and as the men neared, my panicked body lunged forward, adrenaline coursing throughout my body, we ran towards the exit and found out that it couldn’t be opened without a remote controller to our dismay, we searched for another exit and noticed a window and we ran towards it, it was open and we jumped out of the window and wasn’t hurt luckily, the clones staggered out of the window too. Both of us ran towards the back gate and arrived at a forest which we hadn’t noticed before, we plunged towards the jungle and ran, but the clones were still in sight and there was no sign of the exit of the forest. After running for some time, I stumbled upon a root and fell down opening a gash in my forehead. I got up thanks to Steve and ran for dear life, my forehead was throbbing from pain and I had started hallucinating: The trees were crawling, creepy creatures crawling out of the trees and many more, even though I knew they were hallucinations I was scared. I stumbled upon roots a few more times and at last we stumbled upon a clearing in the jungle, but there were no signs of life in it, we ran passing the clearing and then came upon a dead end, a wide pit, the clones were closing in too, we had no choice but to jump over. It was a tricky decision to make, our bones would be smashed to smithereens if we failed to jump over, but if we didn't, we'd have to face a fate worse than being smashed, we'd be the involuntary tissue and body part donors to a creation of an army of clones. I glanced back, the clones were almost on us, arms stretched forward, ready to pound on us, Steve was terrified to death, his face was fear stricken, he wasn't in a clear state of mind, I had to make the decision, I grabbed hold of Steve's hand, cleared off the ground determined to reach the other end, I felt our bodies lunging forward, I felt a brief moment of happiness of being so free, but it didn’t last long, I stumbled on to the other side but I lost my grip on Steve, fortunately he grabbed hold of a crevice on the wall of the pit, he held on it for dear life, I looked down at him, his face was contorted with fear, his eyes were bloodshot and he seemed like he was soulless, his eyes seemed hollow, he had reached an extent of fear where a person loses his sanity for a period of time, I felt sorry for him from the depth of my heart. I extended my hand towards him, he grabbed my hand in a delirious state, I slowly lifted him up, just then, I felt the ground I was lying shifting, within a second I was lunging towards the bottom of the pit at full force, with Steve in the lead, the piece of land I was lying on had fallen into the pit, the clones were gaping at us from the top of the pit, I knew that I’d be dead in a matter of seconds, I felt a wetness seeping into my pants, I crashed into the ground, felt my bones breaking into a million pieces, my soul was drifting away from my body, I was DEAD, “Nooooooooooo”!!! I felt somebody tugging at my collar, “Hon, hon, why are you screaming?” I heard the assuring voice of my mother as I was woken from a nightmare! And Oh man! I had truly peed in my pants!


The Fallen Purse

By G.H.Sasindu Wijesiri
While I was walking along with my puppy on the pavement, I saw a brown leather purse lying on the road with the owner’s name. There was a photograph in the purse. I decided to handover the purse to the police station next morning. While I was going to the police station with my Rottweiler puppy I saw the woman in the photograph with a very nice Labrador dog. She saw her purse and she thought that I had stolen her purse. She released the dog. I ran very fast with my puppy. I climbed a close by tree. The dog also tried to climb the tree. I waited for a few minutes on the tree. The woman came there. Then she called the police. The police came there. Then I gave the purse to the woman and she went. Alas! I had given my wallet to that woman with my money. Her purse was still with me. The police left too. I saw that woman going with the dog. I followed her to her house. Her house was very beautiful, there were CCTV cameras too. She put my wallet into a drawer and went to bath. Then I went inside her house. At once a CCTV camera looked at me. Then it started beeping loudly. Then I took my wallet and replaced it with her purse and ran away very fast. The dog came behind me. Then I ran to a jungle behind her house. The dog became scared and went away. I was alone in the middle of the jungle. I saw a small cub there. I gave it some meat I had with me. Then I released it thinking that it would go near the lioness. Then I went a little ahead and saw a plane and slept the night on it. The next morning, I went searching for some food. While I was walking, I saw a big lioness in front of me and it jumped at me. Noooooooooooo!! I felt somebody tugging at my collar, “Putha, Putha why are you screaming?” I heard the voice of my mother as I was woken from my nightmare.


The Toothache

By L.L.S.S.Lokuge
One day, Helen wanted to see a dentist to get a tooth extracted because she was suffering from its pain and the pain was a distraction for her other work. Therefore, she made an appointment with the dentist. She was given a date and a time, and Helen kept recalling it. However, on the day of the appointment, she went to see the dentist. When she entered the clinic , a lady greeted her warmly and talked to her politely. She asked for Helen's details and gave her an appointment number. Helen put the number carefully into her pocket and waited patiently staring at the people around her. She entered the room quickly when it was her turn. In the room, there were two nurses and the dentist. Helen was directed to a chair. The dentist asked for Helen's details. Later on, a beam of light was directed towards her mouth. Then one of the nurses observed her teeth well. In a few minutes, the dentist asked Helen to show the tooth that she wanted to get extracted. Helen showed one and told the dentist that it hurt just like something was carving into it. But the dentist said that there was nothing wrong with it and sent Helen home with a tooth gel to apply. Helen put that gel into her toothbrush and brushed her teeth diligently with it everyday. A month passed peacefully like that. During that time, Helen could engage in her day-today activities and manage them very well. By the end of the month, Helen lost her sense on the teeth. She lost her sensitivity on the teeth. She didn't feel that she was brushing teeth when she was doing it. She didn't feel like chewing when she was chewing the food. Then again Helen wanted to see the dentist and she made an appointment. When the date came, she went to see the dentist. As the last time, a lady greeted her warmly and gave a number. When her turn arrived she quickly went inside and spoke to the dentist. A beam of light was directed towards Helen's mouth and the dentist observed it keenly. Suddenly, a terrible shocking mood appeared on her face. Then she asked the way Helen used the gel. When Helen said the way she used it, the dentist got more shocked and panicked. The dentist asked Helen if she didn't read the instructions on the gel. Then the dentist said that the gel was supposed to be applied on the teeth once per four days. But Helen applied the gel on the teeth everyday and every time she brushed. Helen felt guilty and disappointed. Everybody looked at Helen aghast, because they knew that in 2 or more days it would give her a huge, unbearable pain. They knew that the situation was getting worse. The dentist brooded over the subject thousand times and made Helen unconscious by an injection. After about two hours, Helen woke up. The dentist told her that they had had to do something for Helen and it was ferocious. They told Helen "We are really sorry that we had to do that, otherwise you will definitely commit suicide in two or three days because of the pain". Then the dentist kept a mirror in front of her face and asked Helen to open her mouth. Alas! Helen could not believe that it was her mouth. She did believe that it was a nightmare. But it was real. She couldn't afford that terrible look. Her eyes were widely open because she could see that there were only four teeth left inside her mouth. Two of them at the upper jaw and the other two at the lower jaw. She thought that she was like an abnormal alien from Jupiter. But that was the only thing that was left to do. So the dentist had to do it, otherwise Helen would commit suicide in two or three days because of the unbearable pain. Helen went home. She started to brood about her future. She was brooding in her own stupor. Helen was disappointed ,helpless, wretched and guilty. She felt like her head was whirling and felt like someone was pummeling to her head. In other words, she had a terrible headache that time. She worried about her appearance. Most of the time, this world directly and indirectly tell people that they should feel sorrow, guilty and be disappointed if they don't fit certain beauty standards. Helen was trapped in it. She worried about it a lot. Then she took an excessive amount of sleeping pills. So that she can sleep forever. She didn't want to awake again. And she didn't. She did not know that there is no art to find the mind's construction through face.