A project by Green Thumb Landscapers - A leading landscaping company from Texas

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This is a project by Green Thumb Lanscapers, which is a leading leading landscaping company based in San Antonio, Texas. The founder and CEO - Jose Santiago will be conducting the courses. He has over two decades of experience.

A-Z Landscaping Master-class

This course will cover every aspect from A-Z of how to build and grow a successful landscaping business

Best landscaping practises for efficiency and quality

A complete guide on how to provide efficient and quality services to your clients

How old is Green Thumb Lancscapers?

GTL has been in business for a few years with exponential growth statistics!

Who is the coach?

Mr. Jose Santiago will be conducting the course

How can I see the course curriculum?

Click on "Enroll Now" and you will be taken to the course curriculum on Teachable

About the coach?

Mr. Jose Santiago has over two decades of experience and he has helped many businesses acquire expontentional growth over the years!

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