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Where social media marketing, strategy, and branding come together like a perfect marriage (no, we're serious). Allow us to help you build a trusted brand and a strategic marketing plan that will create consistent success for you and your business.


Hello! Thank you for visiting our website. We are One Stop Social, 619. We have well over a decade of experience with social media marketing, strategy, branding, and business development. We have been doing this since Friendster tagged MySpace into the ring, and we sincerely want to help you succeed. We thrive on providing value and helping you and your business in a way that is unique because even though your business might be similar to others, you are unique. We thank you for being here!


An evaluation of our skills

Branding 100%
Social Media Marketing100%
Consultation 100%


Every client is special to us and we commit to the project until the final product is up to your 100% satisfaction. These are our services:


We know you want your business to succeed and a proper branding strategy is a very high priority for you to achieve that goal. Branding helps create a community around your business, an intimate touch, and a sense of trust that those within your community start to have toward you and the product or service you represent. Allow us to help you come up with a branding plan and strategy that works for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most important parts of digital marketing today. Yes, email marketing, SEO, and all forms of direct and indirect marketing are vital, but when it comes down to it, without a solid social media strategy, success with your product or service will be quite challenging. We are here to help you come up with the best social media marketing strategy that compliments your branding strategy.


Maybe you need some advice or guidance because you've hit a plateau or you're looking to grow from where you are, whether that be with creative strategies, business development, management, and other aspects of your business as well. We are here to help and provide guidance to keep you on track.


Gennaro Turco


I have a career that spans over almost 20 years. I am a U.S. Veteran and served for six years in the USAF. I have been working on projects that are within the industries of marketing, social media marketing and strategy, branding, business development, public relations, and project management for over a decade.

Savindu Wijesiri

Website Developer & Designer

I have expertise in website development and design, software development, graphic design, and digital marketing. I keep up to date with the latest technologies to deliver a state-of-the-art final product for all my clients. I’ve worked keenly with development and design since 2019, and I’ve picked up a wide range of skills, from designing simple vectors to developing complex solutions.


We have a very competitive, budget friendly and reasonable pricing algorithm


$500per month

  • Rebranding (If needed)
  • Create, plan, measure and manage branding strategies
  • Handling business advertising
  • Handling business promotion
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$500per month

  • Business management consultation
  • Adminitstrative consultation
  • Business development consultation
  • Creative strategy consultation
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